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Our board has the wonderful role of giving and offering opportunities for our church family to give. Our year starts in June, but our first function has always been the School Store on Rally Sunday in September. We purchase school supplies for local, needy children and donate the supplies to the Hockanum Valley Community Council, where these items are distributed to those in need. We rarely have leftovers! In November, our church family signs up to provide Thanksgiving Baskets to families, large and small, in Vernon. Each year we provide dinner for approximately 80 families. Our role is to organize the event and transport the food to HVCC for distribution. Our blessing is to see all the food that is donated! In December, our Christmas Giving Tree has tags with the name, age and size of a local child in need, supplied by Hockanum Valley Community Council. Our wonderful church family picks the tree clean of at least 150 tags. Our board then transports these carefully selected gifts to HVCC.

Our board is charged to distribute the moneys in our budget to charities that we select each year. This is rewarding as well. All the various charities, monetary and in-kind are listed in the Benevolence Report. Our board is responsible for the meal at the Soup Kitchen about 4 times a year.

We are a very blessed board because we serve as a catalyst for the giving congregation of which we are a part. To be empowered to design ways for our congregation to give is much more than a function it is a joy and a blessing.

Every year, we select a Mission Project that begins in January or February and runs for about 10 weeks. This project is selected based on a protocol of Local, State, National and Global outreach. In the past, we have chosen such projects as the Mark Twain School, Habitat for Humanity, Vernon senior citizen programs, a playground in Appalachia, the Brenner orphanage in S. Korea, the ER & UCC Church of Waukesha, Wisconsin that was destroyed by fire, a reading program for kids and parents and the Connecticut Childrens Place. Our 2007 Project was a soup kitchen in Soweto, South Africa. Our donations may be monetary or consist of stuff depending on how easy it is to deliver the items. It is a fun time, as we have many events at Mission Central during the project, such as a Bake-off, making drums, rebuilding a model church, ethnic food, give-aways, and story-telling.


The Board of Missions is very excited to be working with a wonderful organization called Journey Home based out of Hartford.  Journey Home is a leader and partner for homeless service providers throughout the Hartford region.  Their “Making a House a Home” Initiative donates furniture and essential household goods to families transitioning from homelessness to housing.   We have been given the names of two families in East Hartford and Vernon who are in need of items such as furniture, pots and pans, blenders and cleaning supplies.

Please attend the “Coffee and Conversation” after service on April 30th to learn more.   You will have the opportunity to sign up to donate new or gently used items on the “registry list”.  We will also gladly accept Script-Your-All gift cards, monetary donations and offers to help deliver the household items.   We will continue to accept donations throughout the month of May during coffee hour.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on April 30th!  If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Cathy Foote at 860-875-9443.



PICTURE : The Compassion Experience came to FCCV . Click on FACEBOOK below right for more pics.

2015 Christmas Giving Tree

The Board of Missions would like to thank the congregation for its very generous donations.


Tri Town Shelter LogoThe Board of Missions and Outreach is grateful for the generous donations made by members of our congregation to support this year's major mission project, the Tri-Town Shelter. There was a great deal of support for our “Fill the House” project and we were able to present the shelter with some new and much-needed items, including a large microwave and toaster, coffee cups, glassware, wooden cooking spoons, pot and pan sets, a large silverware set, shower curtains and liners, lamps, and night stands. Packages of new tee shirt sets, socks, and other necessities were also donated. When we delivered the gifts, we saw firsthand the shelter residents’ eyes beaming with gratefulness, joy, and relief. In addition to the household items, as a result of many generous monetary donations, we were able to present the Executive Director of the shelter, Mr. Pieter Nijssen, with a check for $2,303.00. Project flyer, Video, Thank you letter

At this point, we are looking forward to determining our focus for next year's project. We are currently researching potential international organizations that we could sponsor.


Our Church’s Wider Mission project was a huge success this year. Again, during difficult times, our church family responded to those less fortunate. we We had more than 35 volunteers and raised $2622 in support of Missions of Mercy. More information. Video.


Home Page PicturePICTURES: (Left) We bought a total of 46 stoves in 2013 for Guatemalan families! 46 families will not have to worry about breathing bad air or children getting burned because of your love and caring, thank you! 2013 FCCV Wider Mission - Our Hearts Will Build New Hearths
This year Our Church’s Wider Mission Project was International. For the past four years Dr. Adam Daniels of Vernon has worked with Missions in Guatemala to offer dentistry and Onil cooking stoves to the families in several communities of Guatemala. Click on the two links for the full story. Click here to hear Dr. Daniels' talk to the Congregation on Mission Sunday.

(Below) One of our Church members, Susan Pilkons, the adult on the left, traveled to Guatemala to help install the stoves.













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