COMPLETE SERVICES: As of 3/22/2016 links to the videos of complete Services are available on this page next to the Bulletin for that service. The Pastors Weekly Email for that Service is on this list usually a couple of days before .

INSTRUCTIONS: If you expand the caption under the Service videos you will see the main parts of the Service listed with the length of time they are into the sService. If you click on these timing numbers the video will skip directly to that part of the Service. Be patient. It may take a few seconds to get to the spot you want.

Click here for links to special events and earlier Service video excerpts on the Videos page

Although your most up to date source of current Church happenings can be found by clicking "FCCV Events" above you can read/print current and back issues of the Carillon monthly newsletter or monthly Church Calendar from this page – they are updated every month. You can also read/print current and back issues of the weekly Sunday Service Bulletin and the Pastor's Weekly Email - They are updated every week. In addition there is a collection of Church reference material here. The documents are all in PDF format for easy access. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is free – if you need to download it so you can read this material- do so here.

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