Communications Committee

Record ServiceThe Communications Ministry has evolved over time. Years ago, we provided church services to our home bound via telephone connections. When that proved to be costly, the decision was made to make audio-tapes of the worship service and deliver them, immediately following the service, to private homes, assisted living centers and nursing homes. We delivered approximately six tapes each week. in 2004 video recordings were added by Al Newton. Church services and activities are recorded, DVDs made and the service broadcast over the Community Voice Channel of Comcast Cable the following week. This has been well received by our home bound and those temporarily unable to attend church due to illness.

We are now also responsible for coordinating overall communications to the congregation and the broader community on Church activities and events by setting communication standards (consistency), by providing support to the Church Boards and Committees with media channels and facilitation of delivery on communication needs. Key roles include; providing an organized system and distribution channel, policy setting, communication planning and evaluation of communication program effectiveness.

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FCCV Publicity Contacts and Procedures:

Our objective is to integrate and expand the existing communications channels at FCCV with minimum disruption of existing procedures. If you have an established, ongoing working realtionship with Nancy Young in the Church office that results in your activities appearing properly and in a timely manner, in the CARILLON, BULLETIN, CALENDAR, WEBSITE and other media you should continue using it. It's when you haven't done this before, have a tight deadline or need special mention in the BULLETIN, on the WEBSITE or in additional media that you should do the following.

Prepare the notice about your activity using this check list (Click here for printable copy):


FCCV Event Publicity Check List

Be sure to include in the event notice itself:

  • Name of event
  • Date/s and day/s of week of event
    • Start time/s of event
    • End time/s of event
  • Event details (description)
    • Reservations required?
  • Public contact persons name for event
    • Phone # and/or email
  • Optional photograph/s (attach to notice)

Be sure to include for the Communication Committee:

  • Is the event open to the public
    • Or limited to FCCV church goers
  • Person we should contact with questions
    • Including phone number.

All this information should be put into a write up that reads the same way you would want it to appear in the Carillon or in a newspaper. Then, either hand it to Nancy in the Church office or email it to comm.comm@firstchurchof


Your email will automatically go to the Committee members below and Nancy. They will take whatever action is necessary. Be sure to include your phone number in the email so we can contact you with any questions. If you don't have access to email just give a hand written or typed note containing the same information to Nancy. She'll get a copy to the Committee Chair.

  • Nancy Young, Church Secretary. Edits and publishes the:
      • Sunday Service BULLETIN (Given out at Sunday Service and posted on website)
      • Monthly CARILLON Newsletter (emailed to Church members and others and posted on website)
      • Monthly CALENDAR (emailed to Church members and others and posted on website)
  • Gerry Dyar*, Committee Chair and Webmaster/Program Administrator of the FCCV:
      • Website
      • Facebook Page
      • Patch Page
      • Email server
      • DC-200i Mixer for sound reenforcement and video sound recording
  • Andy Myer, FCCV Systems Administrator and computer resource person for
      • Pastor's computer & back up drive
      • Assoc. Pastor's computer & back up drive
      • Church Secretary's computer & back up drive
      • CE computer
      • Printer/scanner/duplicator
      • Wi-Fi/LAN
      • Email service
      • Telephone system
  • Debi Hockenberry*, Edits and posts all:
      • Facebook Christian Education & general Information
      • Takes and posts hundreds of photos of Church activities on Facebook
  • Jim Wilson*, is the Board of Deacon's representative to the Committee
      • Cordinates Paid Advertising with the Board of Deacons such as for:
        • Christmas
        • Easter
      • Press Releases to:
        • WJMJ Radio
        • Reminder Weekly - Local Paper
        • Journal Inquirer - Local Paper
        • WTIC Radio - Damon Scott Show
        • Hartford Courant newspaper - My Towns
  • Michelle Giordano*, Edits and posts public events and Church Services on:
      • Patch, Vernon/Rockville area on line event Calendar
  • Steve Repetto*, Videographer, responsible for:
      • Worship Service Video Production
          • Al Newton (Alternate) and one of the original founders of this Committee, the worship service recording program and the website!
        • COMCAST Ch. 5
        • Sermons & other excerpts for the website
        • DVDs for the library
      • Official Church Photographs
          • Don Melander (Alternate)


In this write up official members* of CC have an asterisk after their names.

If you have any questions about getting publicity for your FCCV activity or an idea to improve the Church's visibility in the community contact any member of the Committee.

The Committee would like to recognize Al , Debi *, Michelle and Gerry * in addition to Steve* and Don who collectively provide the many photographs we use on the Website, Facebook, Patch and in our press releases.

The present schedule of FCCV worship services on Comcast Community Voice Channel 5, Sunday mornings with just one week delay is only possible because Steve Repetto* uses his own software and hardware in their production. If we had to go back to using the CCVC recording and editing equipment it would be much more labor intensive and the broadcast would probably be delayed two weeks instead of one.



For more information about this Committee click here to see the FCCV Annual Report.
The Committee's report to the Church is included in the main body of the document
and a list of current Committee members and their terms is at the end.

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