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Outside Links
This website contains links to sites which are not maintained by or under the control of First Congregational Church of Vernon, Vernon, CT. Technical problems with outside links, other than a link that has been moved or changed, should be reported to the entity that maintains the site, not to First Congregational Church of Vernon. If you feel that the content of an outside link is inappropriate or to report a link that has moved or changed, please email us at First Congregational Church of Vernon

Web Visitor Identification
For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes only the domain name, user-specific information on what pages accessed or visited, but not the email address of visitors to our Web page. The information we retain is only used to improve the content of our Website.

Use by Children
If you are under 13, be sure to obtain your parent's or guardian's permission before you send any personal information (for example, your name, address, e-mail address, etc.) to us or anyone else over the Internet. We encourage parents to get involved with their children's online usage and to be aware of the activities in which they are participating. See COPPA.

Use of Photos
We believe that the use of images of church activities and events is a valuable tool in creating an attractive, accurate and relevant on-line representation of First Congregational Church of Vernon and its activities. Therefore, we occasionally include photographs taken by members of church activities on our website. In order to protect the privacy of First Congregational Church of Vernon members and friends, we generally do not provide personal identification information along with photographs.

Photo Identification
In cases where identification is warranted, it will only be included with the permission of the person or parent of the person being photographed. If you see a photograph of yourself or your child that you prefer not to be included on the site, or if you would like to insure that no photo of your child is used on the site, feel free to contact First Congregational Church of Vernon. We'll make the necessary arrangements to comply with your request. All copyrights remain with the original photographer. Effort is made to include credit to the photographer if known.

Use of Videos
As of January, 2013, we started putting select sermons and other Service segments on the Internet on the VIDEOS page. FCCV has been video recording its complete Sunday services since 2006. Current worship services, edited to remove copyrighted material, are available for viewing, on Comcast Community Voice Channel 5, Sunday mornings at 10 AM and Monday evenings at 6 PM. Check your local listings or go to for the dates and times of showings of other FCCV concerts and events. Full leangth,unedited DVDs of the services are also available for borrowing in the Library.

As of 3/22/2016 links to unedited videos of complete services became available on the Internet on the ARCHIVE page next to the Bulletin for that service. The Pastors Weekly Email for that Service is on this list usually a couple of days before . If you expand the caption under Service videos you will see the main parts of the Service listed with the length of time they are into the service. If you click on these timing numbers the video will skip directly to that part of the Service.

Use of Names
Occasionally the names of members and friends are mentioned on the website, particularly in notices in the Sunday Bulletin or articles from the monthly Carillon newsletter.

Information Accuracy
The First Congregational Church of Vernon makes every effort to ensure that the information presented is correct and accurate. However, if inaccuracies occur, we will make every effort to correct them in a timely manner. To report any web site inaccuracies or for questions about First Congregational Church of Vernon's Website Use and Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Updates to the Website Use and Privacy Policy
This is a living document. From time to time, changes to this document may occur to meet the ongoing needs of First Congregational Church of Vernon’s online presence.