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Current News about FCCV's Program:

Scrip Your All Update: Sales continue during Coffee Hour. To date, we have earned $1,225 towards our $5,000 goal for the year. If you are not participating, please stop by to find out what it’s all about. Every card sold helps to support FCCV programs! In addition to the gift cards for sale, many more can be ordered.

Although gift cards can be purchase during Coffee Hour, you can also order or get them almost instantly with Scrip Now! (e-cards!). Thank you to all who are participating. We hope others will consider doing so! Stop by our table during Coffee Hour for more information or check below on this page for complete instructions on how to sign up on line.

Special Offers from SHOP WITH SCRIP

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Discover® Universal $50 & $250 Gift Cards

We're excited to announce $50 and $250 Discover® Universal Gift Cards are now available with the same great 1.25% non-profit contribution! It's accepted anywhere Discover is, so you can earn rebates almost anywhere you shop. Plus, you can earn 5% back on the card when you use it at participating retailers.

Earn more rewards when you shop with Discover Universal Gift Cards.
Click here for more information, and click here to order.

Gift card is issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC. Discover® and the Discover Acceptance Mark are service marks used by MetaBank under license from Discover Financial Services. No cash access or recurring payments. Card valid for up to 7 years; funds do not expire and may be available after card expiration date. Card terms and conditions apply, see

5% Back terms: Cardholders receive a bonus back on the card in the amount of 5% of all signature-based purchases made at participating merchants.  PIN-based purchases, purchases made at participating merchant locations outside of the U.S., and purchases of gift cards made with this card, may not be eligible for 5% bonus calculations. Participating merchants subject to change. Card terms, conditions and limitations apply. 5% Back Bonus offer is not a MetaBank product or service nor does MetaBank endorse this offer. It is not a requirement of card use. See website for details. 

If you have not yet tried Scrip-Your-All, come down to Coffee Hour to learn more about the program and how it supports FCCV or read below..

How You Can Do It: (Top)

Supporting our church ministries as you purchase your weekly or monthly groceries, pharmacy needs, entertainment choices and more is a program we have at FCCV. This is a tried and true program that we have initiated to help with the financial obligations of our growing congregation. This program was recommended by Rocky Hill UCC (check out their website to learn more about their success.)

Gift cards, real cards from selected, popular merchants that have no expiration date, are available. Use them as you would any gift card. No one will know you are helping FCCV.

Gift cards are available in denominations ranging from $10-$100. Each card is sold at face value and is worth that much to you. The good news is that the merchant issuing the card gives the church a percentage of the face value of the card. The percentage is determined by the merchant and ranges from 1% to 16%. More than 260 merchants participate in this program. You lose nothing and the church gains an income.

SYL Coffee HourOrders for cards are taken every Sunday during Coffee Hour or can be ordered and paid for online. All cards must be paid for by cash, check (payable to FCCV, "Scrip" in memo) or PrestoPay (when your on line order is placed). See delivery schedule above. Cards usually may be picked up the Sunday following the placement of the order. Cards to popular places are available weekly as supply allows. See list above.

Check at Coffee Hour for more information. The amount paid for the cards is not a donation to the church, as you receive the full value of the card purchased. More information will be forthcoming, so watch the top of this page, the Sunday bulletins, monthly Carillons or ask Holly Boutwell, Kate Fowler, Martha Fowler at or Steve Morse. This is a wonderful way to painlessly raise money for our church while at the same time making life easier for you. Gift cards make excellent gifts.

On Line Ordering (Optional): (Top)

laptopIn addition to ordering and picking up gift cards and scrips during coffee hour, after Sunday Service, you can use ShopWithScrip to order them on line for immediate printing, mail delivery or for later pick up at Church.

This gives you:

* Convenience. Order scrip at your convenience from anywhere with internet.
* Full Selection. See all the available brands and denominations at a glance.
* Immediate Delivery. Order and print ScripNow® eCards right from your ShopWithScrip account, and Reload funds onto gift cards you already own.
* PrestoPay™. If your organization allows it, you can pay for your order instantly by electronic debit using the secure ACH process.
* In-Depth Information. Access your own purchase and rebate history.

Click here to register. The FCCV Enrollment Code is F2F1CF113843L
Already registered - Click here to order.

On Line Payment (Optional): (Top)

After you've registered with ShopWithScrip (above) the next, optional, step is to set yourself up with PrestoPay so you don't have to use cash or checks to pick up cards at Church. An additional benefit of PrestoPay is that you can order cards and print scrip yourself so you don't have to wait to pick them up at Church.

PrestoPay is a convenient way for you to pay on line at the time you place your order. Simply link your bank account information to your ShopWithScrip account on their secure server, and GLSC will be able to electronically accept your payment on behalf of your organization. No need to bother with cash or checks!

When you check out on, enter your secure PIN number (created when you enroll in PrestoPay) and your account will automatically be debited for the face value of your order, plus a small convenience fee of just $0.15 per order. It’s that easy!

Enrolling in PrestoPay. FCCV has enabled the use of the PrestoPay feature, so you will notice a message in a blue banner at the top of your screen prompting you to create a PrestoPay account. Simply click on the link to begin the enrollment process. When you get your Approval Code email it to Steve Morse at to complete the set up process. When Steve acknowledges it you'll be ready to go.

Using Your Smart Phone (Optional): (Top)

smartphoneIf you're an Apple or Android smart phone user you can go one step further after you've registered with ShopWithScrip (above) and set up a PrestoPay account (above). This is accomplished by loading MyScripWallet onto your phone. Click here for full details then go to to do it.